We are excited to announce our first Transformative Responses Conference. Please save the date for “Next Generation Central Banking: Climate Change, Inequality, Financial Instability” on February 3/4/5, 2021

Why focus on central banks you might ask? 

In March 2020 central banks have once again proven to be the first line of defence in crisis-ridden times. With their far reaching actions they prevented the world from experiencing a complete collapse of financial markets on top of the severe health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Building on the developments during the last financial crisis, they have continued to vastly change and expand their role and repertoire.

We believe that this poses crucial questions on the role of central banks in times of financial instability, growing inequality and an escalating climate crisis. Central banks have powerful tools at their disposal. What are the consequences when they use them? How does this new role square with their nature as independent, unelected bodies?

During the conference we want to shed a light on these questions and discuss the potential role of European central banking in the socio-ecological transformation of Europe. Please save the date and spread the word. We would be very pleased if you would join us in this important discussion! For more information join our Newsletter!

The Program

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