The Project


Transformative Responses to the Crisis

With this project, we want to work on policy proposals to increase our systems resilience by addressing the socio-economic and ecological challenges. Therefore, we are establishing a transnational network of institutional partners and scholars. The network shall include experts from academia and civil society and work at the intersection of finance, ecology and inequality.  We aim to develop concrete actions and policies which can be used by governmental  authorities to mitigate crisis and initiate structural reform, while at the same time involving civil society organisations to create public pressure for reforms.

About the Project

Transformative Responses is a project by Finanzwende in cooperation with the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.

On March 31st, we organized a webinar with economic historian Adam Tooze on the current economic and financial crisis.

On April 14th, we organized a webinar with German political economist Maja Göpel on the transformative answers to the corona pandemic and how this crisis can be used for a fundamental change in economic policy-making.

On April 22nd, we organized an international workshop together with the Forum New Economy about possible new paradigms in economic thinking.

The Challenge

The world faces an almost unprecedented crisis. The challenge is to not make the same mistakes as in 2008-9. We need to understand the various challenges that have brought us into this situation.

Our Goals

Our goal is to build a coalition of civil society and academic scholars that challenges the flawed responses to the crisis. We want to be a hub for organized civil society to bring about transformative ideas.

Our Network

A network of like-minded scholars and organizations is in the making. We want to create a group of activists and scholars that share their ideas on transformative responses to the crisis.

Our Funders

This project is run by Finanzwende in cooperation with Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. We receive funding from several institutions.

Our Funders

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