The Project


Transformative Responses to the Crisis

With this project, we work on policy proposals to increase our systems’ resilience by addressing the socio-ecological challenges together within a transnational network of institutional partners and scholars. The network includes experts from academia, civil society and public policy working at the intersection of ecology, finance and inequality. We develop concrete actions and policies which can be used by governmental  authorities to mitigate crisis and initiate structural reform, while at the same time involving civil society organisations to create public pressure for reforms.

About the Project

Transformative Responses is a project by Finanzwende in cooperation with the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.

The Challenge

The world faces an unprecedented crisis. The challenge is to not make the same mistakes as in 2008-9 and deliver a progressive policy response.


Will future crises be induced by financial or climate-related events and how likeyl are they? As part of the project, we analyse potential causes of future crises.

Our Network and Funders

The project is anchored in a European network of civil society organisations, think tanks and academics, with funding from several institutions.

Transformation in Times of Low Growth and Low Interest Rates

What are the challenges and opportunities of a continuous low growth and low interest rate environment for the social-ecological transformation? 

Financial Market Short-Termism

Our systems’ short-term focus on financial returns is an obstacle to the transition and  responsible for our vulnerability to crises. We want to find ways on how to reign in the financial sector and enable the social-ecological transformation.

Next Generation Central Banking

Central banks are the first line of defence in times of crisis. What should be their role in the socio-ecological transformation? We want to support the debate about the future role of central banks.

Our Funders

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