Project Modules

The project consists of four main modules, which will be covered from 2020 until 2022. After starting off with analyses of three scenarios for progressive policy change, our current work is focussed on the role of central banks, the disconnect of finance and the real economy as well as the role of economic growth for the transformation.

Module: Scenario Analysis

Will future crises be induced by financial or climate-related events and how likely are they? We analyse potential causes of future crises.

Module: Central Banking

Central banks are the first line of defence during crises. What should be their role in the transformation and what could reform look like?

Module: Financialisation

Our systems’ short-term focus on financial returns is responsible for our vulnerability to crises. We want to find ways on how to reign in the financial sector.

Module: Growth & Transformation

What are the challenges of continuous low growth and interest rates for the social-ecological transformation?

New Report on the Financialisation of DAX30 firms

Our report explores the role of shareholders for the priorities within large corporations in the German stock index DAX